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Long Term Gun Storage.. Hit Hard Times

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Evergreen, Jul 19, 2019.

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    May 20, 2017
    Fort Mill, SC
    I was wondering if anyone can give me suggestions of the best and safest places to store your firearms for a year or two. Sadly, I have become disabled from my many years of working in a small software business that required me to do 70-80 hour work weeks. I can no longer work long hours standing or sitting and I am going to be trying to launch my own software business from home. I recently built a lay-down computer workstation that allows me to work very long hours again. Sadly, due to company culture requirements and such, very few companies would allow a disabled guy like me to work laying down and I would be forced in the typical crowded desk environments or to use a standing-desk (even worse than sitting) and just wouldn't be able to cut it in the corporate environment. I also have little desire to work for big company and many times they force you to sign NDAs that make any entrepreneurial aspirations impossible. So, I am confident with enough time I will be able to get back on my feet and either find online software job or launch a software business , do freelancing or consulting.

    The sad part is I will be hurting financially while I try to get myself back on my feet. I am going to be probably relocating to Charlotte, NC area since they have a more affordable cost of living (but still not cheap) and the gun laws in North Carolina are decent enough. Unfortunately, Charlotte is a rather anti-gun city and I will be forced to have a roommate for a year or two so I can survive without being stuck living in some of the more ghetto neighborhoods of the city. Every roommate ad I responded to the people said they would not allow anyone with firearms to live in the house. It appears the discrimination against gun owners is worse than any other form and I guess unlike being a certain religion, etc your rights to own a gun are not so protected.

    I am pretty sure it will be impossible to find gun friendly roommates in the Charlotte area, so I will be probably forced to store my gun collection, which also includes ammo and other stuff. I'm wondering if anyone can give me suggestions of the best way I can store my firearms? I probably would want to access them for when I go shooting on the occasion, but probably would be mostly doing pistol shooting and my pistols would always stay with me, regardless of what the a-hole roommates demand. I have to protect myself and sorry others cannot respect that right. My main concerns are theft, rust and of course finding a facility that allows firearms and ammo to be stored. I'm not sure how I would go about that. I would assume, for example, many military people who go overseas and don't have family/friends to store them would also face this situation. SO, hopefully, there are others here who have been stuck in a similar situation with having to store their collection.

    I have no close friends/ family in my life anymore who can help me with this, so I am kind of on my own.

    I appreciate people's suggestions and help.

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