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I have a lot of 3 basic Camelbak hydration packs to sell. The black model is one my son used a few times for school field trips and two vacations. One is a desert camo version and the other is in ACU camo. All three are in good, usable shape. I have replaced valves, bladders etc where needed, so all 3 are ready to go. items 2012/3 Camelbaks lot/

I will take $55/shipped on all three as a lot or $19/shipped on individual hydration units.

Payment methods are USPS m.o. or "Gift" PayPal or PayPal 4% only. Please follow these payment instructions, because failure to do so will delay shipment. First "I'll take it" with a follow up email or PM is the new owner. Please feel free to ask any questions. Posted elsewhere on other forums
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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