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M-31 Suomi fun

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Today I launched a drum at a movie 1-sheet just for fun:

Brad had to go first because he stole Angelina from me. At least one of the others is a liberal. Anybody else was collateral. The dog wasn't targeted.

I'd forgotten how frigging heavy this thing is, especially with a full drum.
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I was using el cheapo 115 grain FMJ Tula ammo from Walmart. The gun really comes into it's own with heavier bullets. Cast lead and jacketed 147 grainers do really well. 124 grain Winchester Ranger is a close second.
I'm glad I've got a progressive press to keep up with the Suomi and my new (to me) Hi Point carbine. They both rock in the fun shoots.
Time to set out some clays and gun 'em down. :)
I've been trying to talk myself outta one of those for close to a year now! Looks like fun.
If you get one and buy some drums be sure to "tune" the spring tension as per TNWs instructions otherwise frustration may set in.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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