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First off, let me say that I'm not an M1 Carbine expert. Based upon the research that I've done and the disassembly that I can do (without having a bolt tool), this is a 99% parts-correct M1 Carbine. The only part that I can absolutely say is not an Inland Manufacturing part is the recoil plate, which has a "U" marking and would have been produced by Underwood. Everything else appears to be the correct type (e.g. I, II, III, etc.) and with the correct Inland Manufacturing markings. Here is the list of parts and their marks:
  • Receiver stamped: Serial #67181XX Inland Manufacturing, dates to Dec-44 to Aug-45
  • Barrel stamped: Inland Mfg Division, General Motors 12-44
  • Bayonet lug/barrel band: stamped KI (Inland correct code)
  • Rear sight: milled adjustable, stamped PI (Inland correct code)
  • Front sight: top stamped N (Inland correct code)
  • Bolt: type III round bolt, stamped AI (Inland correct code)
  • Slide: type IV, stamped PI in slide well and 7160091 on bottom (Inland correct code)
  • Trigger housing: type III, stamped INLAND vertically
  • Trigger: stamped RI (Inland correct code)
  • Sear: type II, stamped RI (Inland correct code)
  • Hammer: straight type, stamped WI (Inland correct code)
  • Safety: unmarked (typical Inland)
  • Magazine Catch: type IV (Narrow Wall; has "M" on face), stamped HI (Inland correct code)
  • Stock stamped: RMC
  • Handguard stamped: RMC
Asking $1400 cash, which isn't unreasonable for metal and wood in this condition and with a rifle of this pedigree.


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