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Machine shop or lathe?

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Anyone know or own/do machining in the Cary area? I need to remove the spikes of a shotgun muzzle break. I hate those spikes. They just get caught up on everything and are damaging the carry bag as well as a sheath I have for it. TIA

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I thought about the same thing, the things just piss me off. The cut, scratch, just tear the crap out of everything.
Just wanted a short PG shotgun and the 590 was the only one I could find and it had the front teeth.
I think that I will just turn mine off on the belt sander. Had a problem finding lathe that would hold it and support the rest of the barrel. Also the 50-75$ or more to have it done.
Are those muzzle brakes counted as part of the barrel length?

Belt sander was my first thought too. With all the forum members here constantly wanting some simple machining done I have been giving thought to purchasing a mill and lathe setup just to do barrel rethreads and small projects like custom brakes and various parts.
Thanks guys. Didn't think about BPM. Any other options just in case they are hung up with their manufacturing?

Are those muzzle brakes counted as part of the barrel length?
The overall length is what matters. Sometimes on shorter barreled rifles, that don't meet minimum OAL, they add a longer muzzle break as a solution. That's the only time it's considered.

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Sometimes my 'Southern *******' shows itself.

I was thinking why not just use a 4 1/2" grinder (then some cold blue), but then again -- it's not my shotgun.

Later, T.J.
Nothing wrong with that. :) Problem is I live in an apartment and I don't have a garage full of tools. Only basic hand tools.

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I could help you if you want I'm in fuquay.
Pendergraft gunworks. Joel is in chapel hill and has threaded a few barrels for me.
It too bad you don't live closer to Asheboro. I have the equipment and it would be a pleasure to help out a fellow gun enthusiast; at no cost. The best way to remove the points would be on a milling machine if the muzzle is permanently attached. if you want to drive down we could make a youtube video out of this. PM if interested.
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