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Marlin 336w 30/30

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I got this gun on trade but would prefer good ole cash at this point. It's a near perfect Marlin 336w in 30/30 that shows no signs of use.

It appears to be a 2004 model, this is determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100. In this case 100 - "96" = 4 or 2004. This model does have the cross bolt safety and the birchwood stock.

Additionally if my searching is correct it appears this is a pre Remington model Marlin as it is an '04 model with the "JM" stamped barrell.

Asking $375
My asking price is based on similar models held for sale on various online forums and shops.

Wood Tints and shades Linens Strap Human leg

Air gun Trigger Bicycle part Gun barrel Tints and shades


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