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I have done this before and learned from my last one what to do and what not to do. I have several 91/30 and this is my least desired...

So I decided to bubba it up and bit. bought another mosin scope mount off ebay and this time i didnt mill anything off reciever like i did my last project.
Instead I milled off the mount to make it fit the reciever instead.

Eveything went smooth and broke no drill bits or taps( unlike last time)
Refinishing the stock and waiting to send my bolt to have a sniper bolt handle installed. Scope im using is a (reworked) romanian lps-1 with illuminated reticle and range estimator. heres some pics of the rifle so far. and heres a link to my past project


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good work.
I have a few of the real ones. They are great shooters.
I think, the best thing about them is the feel of the bolt. Is it still the Bolt Man the best to send them off to?
Was thinking about getting a few of the bolts done with the over sized turned down bolts just because the feel better then the stub bolt on a m44, m39, and some of the other shorties out there.
Just pick up used bolts at a show and keep the matching bolts aside for the guns.
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