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So this year is my first year of hunting and taking it somewhat seriously. Been a few times before, but in a less than ideal property, with no luck whatsoever.

Joined a hunting club this year, and been "hunting" 4 times now. All day last saturday, a couple times for an hour or so this week, and today.

This morning, 2 hours into it, Bambi made the mistake of walking out. Had my back turned to the deer, turned around, and there it was...not paying the least bit of attention to me. Had time to pick my gun up from the seat, take a knee in the stand, and fire away. Was aiming for the neck, but hit a little high...which worked fine (head shot). Was DRT. ~50 yard shot.

Weighed in at a whopping 54 pounds. Tiny thing, but it'll make a few good meals...and jerky. :)


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My day in stand turned sour at 6:30 a.m Had been in the stand about 45 minutes heard some noise behind me turned around to the left and saw something then a light. I asked what you guys doing here this is private property. One of said: GAME WARDEN. I THOUGHT OH SH*T
Knew I had hunting license . They took me out of stand and asked for license and permission to hunt slip. Well that's what the land owner had not given me yet. I explained land owner's name and that one of game wardens hunted here and he knew I had permission. One of the guy's called the game warden that I knew. He told them that I had permission. While looking at my stuff One of the wardens asked if I was carrying a side arm? I advised him that I was and that had a permit to carry. Never asked to see it or ccw
They apologized for messing up my morning hunt. Then told me to make sure I had my orange on even while up in the stand.

We had some problems with some guys coming on to land and hunting. That is the ones they were looking for. After going the Q&A session I packed up . What a morning!!!!!!

Iredell Co. N.C Game wardens were very professional.
Hope everyone else had a great morning.
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