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N-SSA Skirmish: Civil War Shooting Competition Sept 14 Statesville NC

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    If you like competing with your guns, then you owe it to yourself to checkout something completely different than what you have done in the past.

    The organization is called the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) and we compete with guns that were used during the Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression).

    Unlike re-enactments that focus on the uniforms and marching/drilling (as well as a particular battle), the N-SSA is all about the guns. We shoot REAL bullets from our guns in head-to-head competition.

    Go to:

    and watch a (dated) recruitment video. Or just type N-SSA into YouTube and checkout any of the vids.

    Basically, we COMPETE with Muskets, Carbines, Smoothbores, Revolvers, Repeaters, Mortars, and Cannons. All firing live ammunition. We shoot at breakable targets as a team of 3-8 shooters (depending on gun) for the best combined time in breaking all the targets.

    The organization is open to men and women over the age of 14 (14-18 must be accompanied by parent). Younger than 14, they compete just like the adults, but with BB guns.

    There is NO charge to come watch and check us out. Arrive during Individual Competition Saturday morning (before 12 noon) and you can shoot our guns, again for free to see what its like. Best to arrive around 10 AM so you have time to talk and try things at your leisure.

    Food is available (hot dogs, etc) for cheap prices too.

    If this sounds interesting (and its a heck of a lot of fun), then come out to:

    1742 Turnersburg Hwy, Statesville, NC. Follow the gravel road, go pass the mill pond, bear right at the bend in the road, and when you come out into the clearing, bear left. You'll see all the cars parked there on the grass. Ask for Mike 'Bootsie' Bodner. We'll have a white pop-up tent towards the left-center of the range. It's less than 1 hour north of Charlotte.

    You won't believe the number and types of Civil War guns you'll get to see and handle! And we shoot the dang things too!

    Hope to see y'all there!

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