For Sale in WNC: 45LC Single Action Army copy by Navy Arms/Uberti. Asking $575

Engraved, NOT FACTORY ENGRAVING, but rather real engraving. Beautifully done - see pics.

.45 Long Colt. Low, low round count. Notice no turn line. Original box.

Story: Bought a pair of these some years back when I was actively shooting in SASS. Fancy guns for our annual match. Wife had a stroke and I can't shoot at the High Country Cowboys range as it is too far from home (hour + drive) and no cell signal available at the range. Purchased used from another cowboy who had them engraved (don't know the artist, sorry). Gun is smooth and accurate.

Located in Ridgecrest, NC, Eastern Buncombe County. Will drive within reasonable distance (Buncombe, McDowell, Rutherford) Gas is expensive and I drive a full-size truck. $650 is a fair price but I'll consider offers, maybe trades. I would really like a 38/357 single action. Don't really need any more plastic pistols or AR's, but it costs nothing to ask. Would consider trade for 1000' of 12/2WG romex.

Will want to see (not record) NCDL and CWP or purchase permit - just to be sure the buyer is "one of the good guys". I'll show mine. Glad to provide Bill Of Sale if requested.