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Carry Concealed Handgun (CCH) - Deluxe Course
$95 - The deluxe‏ course includes lunch and an evening snack, an opportunity to try out and shoot several different handguns (.22, .38, 9mm, .357, .45) to help determine which handgun you may want to purchase in the future, and an extended personal one-on-one guidance session during the qualification portion of the class.

Our standard group course rate is $49 per student, and with a new membership at DP, it's only $19.

This training session is required by North Carolina in order to obtain the Concealed Carry Handgun permit. Our class instruction covers a minimum of two hours of lecture on the legal aspects of using deadly force in self-defense and the laws concerning when and where a concealed handgun may be carried. Additionally, you will learn about handgun safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals. Students must be able to demonstrate how to safely load, unload a handgun, as well as shoot effectively at a target.

Class: Eight Hours of Classroom Instruction / Additional Time for Handgun Qualification on the Range.

Distinguished Pistol Outdoor Shooting Range
Bassi Ranch at Hightowers
431 New Castle Farm Road, Mebane, NC 27302
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