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Negative Feedback Procedure

Discussion in 'Negative Feedback *ONLY*' started by Silver_Bullet, May 6, 2015.

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    Leaving Negative Feedback

    In order to leave a public negative feedback in someones profile, it first must be reviewed by the Staff in the Negative Feedback forum here .

    If You have any issues with a Member, and do not want to leave a public feedback for whatever reason, please contact a Staff Member about the situation. We can't help protect CSC members from those rare bad apple's if we are not aware of a member's actions.

    • Include the name of the member in the Title
    • Post what happened, and your reason for leaving negative feedback.
    • Invite a Staff member into the PM conversation for review. This is done from inside the conversation. See Below.

    If you are unable to invite anymore participants into the conversation, you may screenshot the entire conversation, then use the (upload a file) button inside a pm conversation with a Staff Member.We have a report function to report a conversation post, but please note that on this forum software we only get one post at a time, thus when there are many posts that need to be seen, the order can be confusing.

    Invite More is the Preference for the best verification of the conversation, so if you are dealing in the BST, please do not lock your conversation out.

    If you have phone texts, you may screenshot those, and use the (upload a file) button from inside a private conversation with staff. We prefer that deals be made using the forum, but we will consider reviewing texts in some circumstances, such as trying to contact the buyer / seller when at the meeting location.

    Members Receiving Possible Negative Feedback

    • You will be tagged in the thread for notification, and the Staff will send you a PM
    • You will have the option to respond to the person leaving negative feedback in the thread, and to also explain your side of the story.
    • If you do not want to explain anything in the thread, you may PM what happened to a Staff Member.
    • If you have any conversations other than the PM's Staff has been invited in, please forward them to Staff using the procedure shown above. We ask that both parties forward, encase one party holds something back.
    • Respond in the thread or to staff in a timely manner. If we see you have been online several times and have not responded in several days, that can result in the negative feedback standing and a possible ban.
    • If you have not been online in a week following a negative feedback, it will stand, unless there was extreme circumstances preventing you from being online, and in that case the -1 will be put back up for review with your cooperation.

    Staff Review & Decision

    • If the Staff Finds that the Negative Feedback Stands, the member posting the negative feedback may then put a -1 in the profile of the other user.
    • If the Staff Finds that the Negative Feedback will not stand, it will be posted as such, and the thread will be removed shorty after, once the finding has been displayed for a day.
    • The result of a -1 standing can vary. Punishment can be a Warning, 60 day BST ban, or Forum ban based on circumstances or prior history. Typically a 60 day Classified Section ban will result in your first -1. A forum ban is given for multiple negatives or complaints. It is an automatic ban if we find fraudulent transactions or scam attempt's. A warning may be given if there is a breakdown in conversation or description.
    • Anyone receiving a 60 day classified section ban, may not post in any forums falling under the classified section, (to include appraisal section) , and may not do any deals on this forum. If you are caught posting or working a deal for something on this forum, before the 60 ban is up, it will turn into a full forum ban.
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    I'm not sure if this thread is really open for comment, but I've really been impressed with the moderators in this area. I've done a half-dozen deals through this site, and all went perfectly.

    It's been really neat to look through these threads and see that mods and members are handling these problems maturely and firmly, with some allowance for things to be made right.

    That's pretty unique in the online world. Thanks for what you do.
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