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    Effective March 20, 2019 - these are the rules for posting and responding to ads in the Classifieds Forums.

    These are very simple and common sense rules to keep the classifieds fair for everyone on the site. Please read through these (or at least read the TLDR at the bottom).

    1. No posting of anything illegal. It is your responsibility to know the federal and state laws regarding what you are selling and how to legally transfer it to someone else. Attempting to purchase firearms or accessories without the proper federal or state permits or permissions will result in your removal from the site. If you are prohibited from purchasing and owning firearms, their accessories and/or ammunition, attempting to buy or sell here will result in an immediate ban if this is discovered.

    2. Commercial postings—e.g. selling firearms, parts, or services as a business, rather than a personal classified ad—can only be done by approved commercial vendors, in their personalized section, or your ads will be deleted. We sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that. The good news is that registering as a commercial vendor is not only quick and easy, but relatively inexpensive as well.

    For questions regarding the benefits of advertising and our current rates, please contact [email protected]

    3. You must have your location filled out in your profile, or clearly posted in your ad.
    Do not use nick-names or joke names for places - just post the actual location, county and state at a minimum. Knowing where you are helps people decide if making a deal with you is even feasible, and will encourage the right people to buy your item with no hassles.

    4. You may bump your ad once every 24 hours. No one is going to delete your ad if it's a little early, but keep it within the last hour to be fair to the other members. One bump every 24 hours will keep page one listings moving along, and allow everyone an equal chance to sell their items.

    5. Multiple Ads - users may have no more than five classified threads open at any time.

    6. This is not an auction site - your FOR SALE items must be PRICED. Items for trade do not need a price - but offers and discussions must be held in private outside of the ad.
    Do not post anything suggesting that you will allow a "highest bidder" situation, you are welcome to take all the lower offers you want to in private messages... Also, in order to help you sell your items quickly and keep the classifieds forums moving fairly, post as full and accurate a description of your items as possible.

    7. Do not post links to auction sites or your classified ads on other sites.
    Posting links to other sites such as Gunbroker, Armslist, Craigslist, etc will result in your ad being deleted. The three examples above are not the only sites covered by this rule - basically just don't post links to your sales on other sites, take the time to make an ad here and leave it at that. This does not apply to the Hot Deals and Group Buys forum, links are welcome there as long as they are not to your sales (DOES NOT APPLY TO VENDORS, & SPONSORS).

    8. Absolutely no stomping on ads. Do not remark in any way that would negatively impact the sale of someone's merchandise. Do not post derogatory comments or opinions, and do not make low-ball offers in threads (this will be treated as ad stomping).

    9. Third party SALES are not allowed under any circumstances. You may post an ad for a third party with the stipulations below. If you want to post an ad to help a friend or family member sell their items, it must be clearly stated in the ad that you do not own the items, and that you will not be involved in the transfer of those items (see Rule #1 above). By posting an ad for someone else, you understand that your user-name and your reputation may be at risk for negative feedback if the actual seller backs out or screws someone over here in any way. Don't post ads for people you don't trust implicitly - it's not worth it.

    10. Regarding making a deal here and your integrity - If you commit to buying or selling an item, and you have agreed to a time and a place for the deal to occur, or you have exchanged payment and address information for shipping, you must keep your word and follow through - or you will face the possibility of negative feedback, a classified forums ban, or a full site ban, depending on what occurred. The first goal will always be to resolve the issue, but all feedback issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Because no two issues are ever the same, any decisions will be reached by a staff consensus, and we will make every attempt to be fair and impartial.

    • Your ad may be locked
    • Your ad may be deleted
    • You may receive a warning to your account
    • You may be locked out from the site, possibly even a permanent ban
    • You may be restricted from posting in the classifieds forums

    TLDR: Don't post anything illegal, no commercial postings in users classifieds, tell people where you are, only bump your ad every 24 hours, no more than five ads, no auctions or links to auctions, DON'T BE A DICK, don't sell your neighbor's gun for him, and KEEP YOUR WORD AT ALL TIMES.
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