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First a link to the announcement on the Belton Bushwhackers' website:

The Belton Gun Club will offer Wild Bunch Action Shooting matches on 5th Saturdays beginning January 29, 2022. There will not be a match on the 5th Saturday in April but you can get a Wild Bunch "fix" that month at "The Bushwhack"-the 2022 SC Cowboy Action State Match by shooting our four stage "mini match" on April 7. The cowboy "main match" will be on April 8-9.

Wild Bunch is a separate game from cowboy action shooting; both fall under the Single Action Shooting Society as the sanctioning body.

Wild Bunch is like Three Gun, using firearms circa 1913: .45 ACP 1911 pistol, 12 gauge pump shotgun and a pistol caliber rifle. We shoot steel targets (reactive steel is encouraged) with lead bullets. It is a timed event that puts a little more emphasis on marksmanship.

The challenge for those of us who enjoy this game is finding a regular match. Many thanks to the Belton Club for hosting this.

If you search for info on the web, much of what you will find is out of date as the rules have changed a good bit since the game began around 2010. We load seven rounds in the 1911 magazine and tactical reloads are allowed.

The official rules place restrictions on firearms. I understand that there will be flexibility at the Belton matches. We want people to SHOOT.
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