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Figured I would drop an introductory post since I seem to be sticking around here a bit.

I'm originally from the west coast, but I've been living in the Triangle area for the past 6 years.

Most of my firearms collecting is on the milsurp side. I've got a fairly modest collection right now, but I've slowly been growing it. A lot of my actual shooting is done with more modern firearms, but I always make sure to take a couple surplus guns with me to the range. I've had a lifelong personal and professional interest in history which is what my interest in firearms grew out of, so that's always been a big part of what draws me to the range - no matter how much I might prefer my newer guns from an actual shooting standpoint.

Right now the more interesting guns that I'm sitting on, off the top of my head:

AR-15 with a 20" stainless White Oak Armament upper
SIG P6 / P225
AR-15 KISS lightweight frankenbuild
Mosin m91/30 sniper
Mosin m28 with the so-called "ski troop" stock sling loop arrangement
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
1934 "Banner" Mauser
3 or 4 K98ks of various make and quality
very early production Model 8
plus the usual smattering of old .22LR guns, soviet mosins, turkish mausers, K31s, etc.

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Wow. I don't even now what some of your collection is, So along those lines I'm guessing you can add some knowledge around here. Welcome and don't be afraid to contribute!!
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