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NFA Gun Trust 10% Military Discount Through Monday!

Discussion in 'NFA Classifieds' started by North Carolina Gun Trust, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Jan 2, 2016
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    North Carolina Gun Trust's most popular trust includes 44 Pages across 19 Documents. If you are an active military member or a veteran, you can get this Gold Level Trust with a 10% discount. It's not a paltry DIY or dealer boilerplate single document with seven to ten pages. Our Gold Level Trust also includes one year free 2nd Amendment coverage for any discharge or carry incident.

    Once you click the link below, you'll be able to attach a scan or photo of your ID for the 10% discount for all currently serving military members and veterans. Acceptable ID can include: proper military ID; retired military members with ID; and veterans with a service connected disability rating and VA health care ID card. You may also receive a discount with a drivers license featuring a veterans designation. The Gold Level NFA Trust is usually $400. Through July 11th, get your trust for $360.

    A properly executed and attorney-reviewed NFA Gun Trust is an estate document, which allows for the acquisition, transfer, possession, and use of certain types of Class 3 firearms. Some examples of Class 3 firearms that could be included in an NFA Gun Trust are: full automatics (machine guns), suppressors (silencers), short-barreled rifles (SBR's) or short-barreled shotguns, destructive devices, and a general category of Any Other Weapon, or AOW. Through a gun trust, you can also purchase these items without the need and hassle of photographs, fingerprints, or a chief law enforcement officer approval signature.

    You own weapons for sporting purposes, to protect your family, and essentially "peace of mind". Having a 2nd Amendment attorney's 24hr emergency telephone number on speed dial and his card in your wallet is about peace of mind. Same with drafting your NFA Gun Trust. To begin your gun trust with your 10% military discount, just Click Here!

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