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Nikon lenses are SPF

I'm based in Raleigh but we travel to Greensboro regularly, will travel to the Wilmington area for a buyer and we'll be in Charlotte on Saturday Oct 29.

Photos of the Hasseblad here:

Hasselblad kit:

Hasselblad 500CM body
2 120 backs
80mm f2.8 T* lens
120mm f4 T* Makro lens (amazing portraits)
polaroid back (takes Fuji pack film)
waist level finder
prism finder
Pistol grip with cold shoe (for pocket wizard or flash)

plus all the medium format film I have left (not sure of it all, some Portra, TMax, Ektar, Fuji slide film)

all in fantastic working shape. $1700 for the kit. PRICE DROP: $1500 OBO

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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