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Due to the volume of requests, Shoot To Live Training is now offering another 1911 Disassembly and Cleaning Class.

Please visit Class.html for complete details.

Testimonial from October 28, 2012 Student:

"I am a newbee to owning a 1911. Especially, cleaning them. But, this class was
outstanding. They covered all three cleaning methods, materials and tools required
as well as techniques on verifying that the thing fires when you're done. There was
plenty of One-on-One instruction. It was well worth the money.

If you own a 1911 and you've never attended a class on this subject, you need to take
this class. If you think you know how to clean a 1911, you need to take this class.
Bottom line, if you own a 1911 you need to take this class.

I promise you will learn something new."


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Great class. Nice meeting you both. Thanks again. I'll be in touch about getting my wife in for some time with Rebecca. I'm looking forward to healing enough to begin my training as well! Might be a while though....
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