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NRA Range Safety Officer Certification with OJT!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Upcoming Training Events' started by J.Boyette, Mar 26, 2019.

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    Become a Certified Range Safety Officer
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    Lets be honest, you can not become a RSO by sitting in a class and talking about it. No more then I can become a painter by watching paint dry on a wall. Here's the deal.

    I want you to have on the range training with me during my classes. You will learn how and the why of every drill, how the targets are setup to be safe, how to run a firing line, how not to get shot or have others get shot and how not to be a prick too!

    This training is limited, only two people per event. We will do a online meeting for 1-2 hours to cover the book material from the NRA a few nights before in the comfort of your home. Then the day of, you will arrive early with me and help inspect, setup and run a firing line to keep it all safe. At the end of the day once you pass the NRA RSO test you will be a Certified Range Safety Officer from the NRA.

    This has a added bonus, now I have quality people I can use for my events and other shooting related events in the future.

    Signup HERE

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