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There is nothing argumentative in my point, unless you don't want acknowledge FACTS. If you want to believe the racial tension was find, that is your liberty to believe it. It doesn't mean some of us are going to turn the blind eye on reality.

If President Obama really "set us back" in racial tension, then everything will be fine after Jan 20, 2017? Will Murica return to the pre "set us back" level prior to Jan 2009. What was racial tension prior to 2009?
Well, I for one would not pin it all on the Prez. His comrades such as Mr Soros surely contributed to the effort. And yes, it will get better without idiots like the Prez and his lackey AG's giving racist speeches everytimes a person of color gets a boo boo. But you can't flip a switch on 8 years of preaching and propaganda. Things take time. We did not get here over night.
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