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When I was raised in the South in the 60's and 70's, I don't remember any talk of race. I VIVIDLY remember our distaste for YANKEES. In the late 1990's, we had already had two decades of black successes. Top in the fields of Television, Music, Sports and literature were blacks. I didn't think twice about a friend in the computer industry being black. They were smart and we spoke of technical things. I remember my friend and I going to the pound every single day at lunch looking for dogs to adopt.

No this is a funny true story...

Thel and I would go to the Charlotte pound out by the airport almost every day at lunch to look at dogs. I remember that he found his first. In the pen were about four Cocker Spaniels. I thought it strange that they were maroon in color but the sign said, 'cocker spaniel puppies'. Thels wife wanted a cocker spaniel. So he arranged to adopt one of the puppies.

Fast forward a few years and the company we had worked for closed and we hadn;t seen each other in a while when we bumped into each other and he suggested I stop by. I said that would be great cause i'd like to see his dog. The dogs name was Sandy. I just remembered. Sandy was our old bosses name. So I get to his house and he say, "come on out back and you can see Sandy."

We walk around back and there is a large dog pen with a good sized dog house in it. Thel opens the gate and out bounds this happy dog that proceeds to stand on it's hind legs and lick Thel in the face...

Haha, that cocker spaniel was an Irish Setter!
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