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Some of you may know my wife & I have been trying to get our small natural healthcare products company ("Kingdom Naturals") , going good enough for my wife to retire. In order to do this we need to move about a 1000 units a month.

We have recently been in contact with "Healthy Living" magazine. We will be having a display ad coming out next month for the J-Five "Joint Care" massage oil. My wife developed our "Joint Care product a few years ago in order to help me with my severe & chronic pain related issues.

The editors also requested a bottle & some samples to do their own research on our product. We were told that if our product is well received they will do a "Feature" on our company & products.

I'm asking for your prayers & good thoughts about this situation. We don't have much money; and my wife has invested her retirement into this business venture.

This may be the "Blessing" and business break we have been hoping to get for almost seven years now. (I've been disabled & had health problems for almost 11yrs now & need my wife at home more.)

You can look for the magazine issue to hit the shelves in November.

Thanks in advance!
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