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SOLD PENDING MEET UP Para Ord upper and generic 1911 frame

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I have a Para Ordnance Hi-Cap (series 80...doesn't have to be hi cap) upper with dim night sights on it, desert tan in color with "Operation Enduring Freedom" on right side of frame. All the upper parts are there, incl. firing pin, extractor, mag safety, etc....

I also have a (manufacturer slipped my memory, and I am too f'n lazy to walk to the other side of the house to open the safe and look.... :p) 1911 frame that has been Ceracoated a bronze-ish, tan-ish color.

I also have a bunch of miscellaneous 1911 parts....springs, grip safety, bushings, hammers, etc....etc....

All of this stuff in the hands of somebody with WAY more spare time than I have would make a fine full size 1911....

I am asking $350.00 for ALL of it....I am NOT firm on the price...the stuff is just sitting in my safe and in the shop. make me an offer....
I would ALSO (or maybe prefer) trade for....

Anything with "Ruger" written on it except for #1 rifles or Red label shotguns....
For the right kind of Ruger (Mini 30, M77 in 223 or 308) I would add some $$$
Blackhawks, Redhawks, GP's, SP's, SR's LC's....Don't care....I am interested in all Rugers with preference going to 357's, 9mm's, or 22LR....
I would give first preferences to an SP101 357mag DAO 2", an SR40 (prefer fullsize), P345, LCR 38, or an old model Blackhawk convertible 38/357/9mm with the 4.25" barrel, blued (So I will have a matched pair!! LOL)

If you have a carbine length, round barrel, 357 lever gun, I would definitely be interested in that as well...And for the right one (Marlin SS1894C) I would add up to $250.00 for one in GREAT shape..

I am entertaining the purchase of a JR Carbine in 9mm, so I would also be interested in a Glock 17 or 34 since the JRC takes G17 mags....

Prefer Rugers, but it doesn't hurt to ask or offer on others.....


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