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PBR's SOC Center Fire League

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Round 2 of our South Charlotte Center Fire League was last night, and it was a lot of fun. We had a solid turn out for the event. Here's the Scores:
1st- Bruce Hurt- 480-37x
2nd- Brad Coram- 476-32x
3rd- Matt Bergen- 476-29x
4th- Eli Colotta- 474-31x
5th- George Hill- 466-29x
6th- Jim Payne III- 465-31X
7th- Steve Jelly- 461-33x
8th- Charles Hawes- 373-7x
9th- Ken Shrader- 334-11x
There are 4 more events coming up, so keep an eye out on our Calendar. The next one is on April 28th.
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SOC Center Fire League Scores!
Bruce Hurt: 480-30X
Brad Coram: 473-35X
Eli Colotta: 473-30X
George Hill: 470-24X
Steve Jelley: 441-26X
Nicholas Sims: 435-18X
Darius Kisluk: 425-20X
Tracy Burbank: 375-6X
Ken Shrader: 345-11X


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Last night we had another SOC Centerfire League Shoot.
Here are the scores:

Brad Coram 480/41X
Eli Colotta 478/33X
Matt Bergen 478/27X
Bruce Hurt 476/43X
George Hill 476/33X
Tracey Burbank 434/21X

It was a light turnout last night as some of our League Shooters were out of town. One of our League Members is out for the rest of this run due to a Motorcycle Accident. He'll be back for the next League series. We wish Stephen Jelley a speedy recovery.
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Brad Coram 474/42x
Tracy Burbank 412/23x
Ken Shrader 364/8x
Bruce Hurt 480/36x
Eli Colotta 474/33x
David C 457/30x
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