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PBR's Top 5 EDC / CCW Guns

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Top 5 Concealed Carry Guns. There are a lot of people thinking about getting their Concealed Carry Permit, and something small enough and light enough that can be carried all the time. We call them "Every Day Carry" guns or "EDC" for short. It's got to be concealable and it's got to be potent enough for self defense use. Allow us to make some suggestions... Here's our Top 5:
5. Springfield XDS. The 9mm or .45 is up to you, but the XDS is a pistol that does everything right. It's incredibly accurate, and easy to shoot well with and the reliability is like the sunrise. You can get them in 3.3 inch barrel version or the newer 4.0. Personally, I really like that 4.0 variant.
4. S&W Shield. When the Shield came out, it didn't hit a home run, it just stole all the bases. It was thin in profile, but still comfortable to shoot... and that's a difficult balance to achieve. It's the Goldilocks gun option... Not too this or too that, but just right.
3. The S&W J-Frame Revolver. There are a myriad of variations of this platform. Saying "J-Frame" is like saying "Pizza". There's one out there for every taste, and they are all good. The simplicity and flexibility of the classic J-Frame is unmatched. This is why these "obsolete wheel guns" are still popular.
2. Ruger SR9C. The quintessential Underdog. The Mutt. Remember the movie "Stripes" with Bill Murray? "We're the underdog. We're mutts! Here's proof: his nose is cold! But there's no animal that's more faithful, that's more loyal, more lovable than the mutt." That quote is very fitting of the Ruger SR9C.
1. The Glock 19. If the Glock 19 was a fight jet, it would be the F-18 Super Hornet... because it's the ultimate Multi-role fighter. It does everything. It can run with the full sized duty guns, it can sneak around like the compacts, and it does everything very well. The balance of size, weight, and firepower is unmatched in the Gun Industry.
What's your Top 5?
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Heh...I own three of I can't really add much more
(NO particular order)
1. Glock 42 380
2. Taurus 85 38 Spl
3. S&W 36 38 Spl
4. S&W M&P Shield 9mm
5. Ruger LCP 380
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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