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Agree, but I think this is what you get when three 15/16 year olds write a survey with the help of their teacher in a couple hours. It is a complex and nuanced issue, but at least they went for a short list of questions!
I understand. I was just trying to give some feedback for your daughter to consider when they do their write up and evaluation at the end they might lead them to consider how complex the issue really is.

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1) Gender
a) Male X
b) Female
c) Other​

2) Region of US
a) Northeast
b) Midwest
c) Southwest
d) Southeast X​

3) Age
a) 18-29
b) 30-44 X
c) 45-64
d) 65+​

4) Race
a) White
b) African American
c) Latino
d) Other X:European American

5) Political Affiliation
a) Republican
b) Democrat
c) Independent
d) Other X​

6) Political Philosophy
a) Conservative
b) Moderate
c) Liberal
d) Libertarian X
e) Other​

7) Max Education
a) High school degree or less
b) Some college
c) College degree or more X​

8) Do you believe that each state should make its own decisions regarding the government involvement in environmental protection?
a) Yes X
b) Undecided
c) No, the federal government should make the decisions for the states​

9) Should the government spend more than 3% of the budget on environmental concerns? (note that environmental concerns get less than 3% today)
a) Yes, environmental concerns needs more than 3% of the budget
b) No, the money for environmental concerns should be decreased to less than 1% of the budget.
c) Spending on environmental concerns should stay about the same. X - Unsure on this without research​

10) Should tax money go towards the environment?
a) Yes
b) Possible X
c) No​

11) Do you believe that hazards to the environment require immediate intervention by the government?
a) Yes
b) Sometimes - it depends on how serious the situation is X
c) No, never​

12) Do you think that more emphasis should be put on using renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels?
a) Yes
b) Maybe a little
c) Not at all X: Let the market decide​

13) Should there be laws banning/limiting the production of hazardous chemicals and burning of fossil fuels?
a) Absolutely
b) Yes, but only if there is an excessive amount of them
c) No X​
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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