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Point Blank Range is proud to be a Sponsor of CSC.

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Thank you letting us be a part of the fantastic shooting community here.
We look forward to a long and happy relationship.
Let me tell you about Point Blank Range. We've got a location in Mooresville that has been in operation for about 4 years, and our new location in South Charlotte that's only been open for a few months now.
State of the art ranges, climate control, great HVAC systems in place so the air is clean. The Pro Shops are well stocked with the best brands at very good prices. We've got a great training program going on taught by experienced instructors. Concealed Carry, Defensive Handgun, Tactical Carbine courses for all levels. We've got a Women on Target program that's outstanding. We've got great rates for range use. 18 bucks for all day. You can even leave and come back and get back on a lane for no extra charge.

I personally invite all the CSC Members to come visit us. I'm in the South Charlotte location most of the time, so pop in and say hello.
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Welcome to our community! Glad to have you aboard!
It sounds nice, everyone in the area should check it out.
Welcome aboard! I have visited the Mooresville facility a few times along with Mrs. Draco. I have yet to find another place to rent firearms that is as clean and reasonably priced as Point Blank is. $20 lets you fire as many handguns in the same caliber as you want. PPQ, P30, G19...all for one twenty dollar bill plus amko. If someone you know is looking for a handgun and wants to try it out first, I recommend a trip to Mooresville if you're close enough.
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Mrs. Draco at the Mooresville facility...
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The location in Matthews is about 1/3 bigger... It's great facility so if you like Mooresville, take a look at the other one. But Mooresville is awesome and had a great staff. Really both do/are. I get to go between the two as the job requires it and like both.
The Mooresvile location is great. When my daughter was married I took some family guests, (select group) who wanted to go, for an hour of range time. I brought 3 firearms and rented 2. We were there when it opened and were able to take up 3 lanes.

PBR even let a minor shoot with permission from his mom and supervision from the group. That was one thing other ranges would not do.

The guests had a great day. Shooting in the morning, lunch at Five Guys, enough time to SSS (no shovel involved ;)), the wedding and a chartered boat reception on LKN.

Since I'm a member at RCWA I'll probably not be back to PBR except for special occasions, but I do recommend them.

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