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I'd say by looking at those pictures that you prefer a 5". But you do have a 4 1/4" for good measure.
Oh, I've owned several Commanders over the years. There are four residing here at the present...the most interesting example pictured below. My "1918 Black Army Commander" that now sports a flat mainspring housing.

I picked it up as a junker several years ago, with the slide cracked in the breechface area and a few missing parts. A few years later, I found a Series 80 slide and barrel at a gun show and bought it because the price was right, but mainly just because. One rainy Saturday about 5 years ago, boredom led me to to create this. I don't shoot it a lot any more, but I do wring it out from time to time.

Not having access to a mill, I couldn't machine the rails and impact abutment in the frame to true Commander spec, so it was a little tricky getting the ejection worked out to suit me...but stubbornness prevailed. The little pistol runs like a Singer sewin' machine, and it's more accurate than I can prove without a sandbag.


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Dad's 1911 Govt Model, and some stuff

6 generations of NC men kin. Dad's Colt Govt Model from about 1990. His L.L. Bean knife that I recall since the '50's. It's older.

The black walnut grips in the foreground were made by dad from Great Granddad's black walnut timber felled around 1900.

Granddad's mags from WW1. The 1918 issue 1911 was stolen in Fayetteville in the 60's. Those mags run great BTW.

The red leatherbound "Life of Christ" was Great, Great, Granddad's signed by him in 1861.

The chair was new in about 1840 and belonged to Great, Great, Great, Granddad and sat in a house built in around 1830 which is still standing and occupied in Wade, NC.

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Owned several Colt 1911s over the years. Right now I am down to only my Gold Cup Trophy. I don't have pictures of all of them, but here are some pics from the past and present...

My current GCT with a blued Gold Cup National Match I recently sold

Wish I still had this Series 70 reproduction

Colt Commander
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