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Post pictures of your 1911

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I figured I would help get the ball rolling on this new awesome part of CSC.

So how about a picture thread of just 1911s?

Colt M45 as reviewed in

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Some really beautiful guns here. I just wanted a basic .45, a workhorse if you will. Bought this one today at a local gun show. Springfield 1911A1. Used, it's in great shape just minor wear in a couple of places. Got two sets of grips (but I like the stock ones), three magazines, box and manual. Found a WWII G.I. shoulder holster at another vendor's table got it for the look, and something to keep the gun in until I find a good CC holster. Took it to the range this evening, it's a good shooter. I was shooting it as well as a couple of guns I've had for a long time. This is my first 1911.
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When the bug bites you, you'll find your own reasons for having more.
If I had as much money as Warren Buffett, it wouldn't be enough to buy all the guns I've thought I'd like to have. I'm not even what I would call a collector; my gun safe looks kind of like the local animal shelter. Lots of barking going on, but no two dogs are alike. I go for one of whatever type I've been interested in, although I may go for more than one caliber/gauge in a type if I like them well enough. The mix can get interesting; I have a .22, a .32, two .38 Spl, one .357, a 9mm, a 10mm, a .40, and now a .45 in pistols/revolvers. I suppose the closest thing to a true "collection" I have is three SxS shotguns of one brand, in 20, 16, and 12 gauge. Even it's not complete or perfect, I need a .410 (which are fairly rare and too expensive), and the ages of the three I have span 24 years.
One thing I can say about the guns I own: there's not a safe queen among them. I shoot them all, and I reload for them all (except of course the .22 rimfires).

I bought a IWB holster for the 1911 today, it's a simple sleeve-type leather with a metal clip (de Santos #85). I've also got a nice Galco molded leather belt holster on order, should have it mid-week. Good guns should live in leather, not nylon or plastic.
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Even a cerakoted 1944 Inglis BHP looks better in this thread than the embarrassment in ForumSurfer's post... ;)
Very nice Hi Power. That's probably what I want to get next, but I just want a meat-and-potatoes Mk I.

JMB= John Made it Best
My three 1911's, and threw the other Browning design in with them. Top is Springfield A1 in .45ACP, middle is Springfield EMP in 9mm, bottom is a Ruger SR1911 in 10mm. Bottom left is a 1943-built Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless in .32ACP
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Five 1911's, five different calibers: Top to bottom, full size: RIA GI .38 Super, Ruger SR1911 10mm, SA 1911A1 .45 Auto.
Commanders, Top SA EMP4 9mm, Bottom, SA EMP4 .40S&W
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