Let’s try this again. I’ve waffled a bit on what to do with this rifle. Sell, keep, sell. But, I found something I want and realistically never going to shoot this. So here it goes…

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Extremely rare Zastava imported by American Arms of Kansas City. These American Arms imports pre-date the Mitchell Arms rifles. The exact number that American Arms imported is unknown. This is a complete rifle that was 100% made in Yugoslavia with no 922r parts. This rifle is not marked as an M70; it's marked as "AK” on the receiver

I found this rifle still in the box earlier this fall. I had plans to shoot it, so I opened the sleeve, cleaned it up and attached the sling. But I figured this belongs to a collector since I’m not a an AK.

Also included in the sale are three (3) Mitchell Arms Pre-Ban Magazines. Two of the three still have the stamped serial numbers on them.

I have excellent feedback on other forums (can provide C.V.) for that.

Fell free to reach out with any questions. I’ll probably put this on GB soon. Just don’t want an auction to content with holidays.

Link to Photos