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PUTIN commnands you: Buy this 5.45 Surplus - Russian 7N6

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Best Price anywhere
5.45 Surplus
Russian 7N6

(1) Crates (2 Spam Cans) with openers (2120 rounds per crate)

Banned from further import, the Afghan's called this the poison bullet because of the damage it made when tumbling through flesh. Bi-metal jacket, mild steel penetrator and lead core with airpocket, everyone knows the story on this. Corrosive, mil issue commie surplus.

I have ONE unopened crate (2 spam cans)
Spam can - $220
Full Crate- $420

PM to arrange sale
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Located in Cary/Apex. Will deliver within 50 miles.
1 case left (2 spam cans)
Down to the last crate.
This won't last long.
Bump :)
One Crate left. :eek: Buy now!
How many is in one can

Edit just seen it 1060
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How many is in one can

Edit just seen it 1060
1 can is approximately half of what the average member needs ;-)
Crate is SOLD pending funds to NCspeedsix with the approval of the Politbureau :)
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