I've had this built almost 4 years and have yet to shoot it, so listing it for sale. Every part on this is brand new other than I think the BCM BCG has ~100 rounds or so on it, and I bought the Eotech used.

PWS MK1 MOD2 Ambi lower
PWS Ratcheting Receiver Extension, Castle Nut, QD Endplate
PWS H3 Buffer and Spring
Radian Talon Ambi Safety
BCM Gunfighter Grip (Could easily change this to a Moe+, Geissele A22, Moe SL, or a variety of others I have)
Polished trigger (Either Sionics or BCM, can't remember which)
SBA3 Brace with Wisemen Splitfix
BAD Enhanced Takedown Pins

Bootleg Upper Receiver (PWS's sister company they use to sell certain DI components)
Ballistic Advantage 8" Modern Series Barrel
SLR Sentry 7 Adjustable Gas Block with Melonite Black Gas Tube
SLR Ion 7.5" Ultralite Rail
Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider
Radian Raptor LT Charging Handle
Eotech XPS2 on a Unity Riser
Diamondhead ISS Sights

Cash price is $1,800 with the Eotech and riser, $1,400 without. I will not part the optic or anything else from the package. Trades would have to be decently in my favor (Staccato P, full LMT/Noveske/LWRC/KAC guns, etc). This is a pistol so I'll need to see your NCDL and a CCW. Face to face deal in N Raleigh.

Obviously the Chimera isn't included, but I wanted to show pics of how HELLAFLUSH the can is to the rail with the Keymo setup