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Ok so I bought an STI Edge about 2 weeks ago from brazos customs and its time for a report since now I have about 500 rounds down the tube
First off let me say anyone that's on the fence about a 2011 should defiantly put one in their hands for 5 seconds that's all it took me I asked a shooter at a local USPSA match if I could see his pistol cause I had been contemplating one for a long time and honestly that's all it took was 5 seconds and I made my mind up

Ok for the fun part msrp on the sti edge is about 2 grand but thru a few distributers they can be had for a few bucks more than 1800
Mags run anywhere from 50 to I paid 135 for tuned mags that hold 20 rds of 40 s&w and seeing
It comes with a standard sti front sight and sti adj rear sight I think it should come with a nice fiber front sight cause that's the first thing I put on it
Fitting on this gun has some very tight tolerances and it locks up absolutely perfect there is no slop what so ever anywhere
The grip is the basic fiber filled polymer sti grip nothing special except that it holds double stack

From the start I shot about 50 rds of store bought ammo which shot great thru the gun no jams and recoil wasn't like a full size glock in 40 more like a snappy 9mm
I had gotten load data from brazo to try handloads out and they shot better but still I felt like I could tweak the rounds and make a bit softer on recoil so I did I dropped in hrs to the point I was making major at 925 in a string of 5 +- 5 fps

The magic load I have found to be for this gun is
4.6 gr titegroup
Win brass
Cci br4 primer
180 gr nosler jhp
Sitting at 1.2 COL

The pistol came with all instructions on how to do just about everything include breaking the gun in these steps are pretty important and since this was my first 2011 I followed everything to a t
All in all now I have about 500 rds thru the gun and for the most part worked great I was figuring on a few hiccups and for the most part I have had one failure to eject from 500 or so rounds
I could not be happier with this pistol and highly recommend if your on the fence about one try one out you'll be pushed over the fence to get one

Granted I am no super BA pistol shooter at all but at 15 yds as fast as I could drop the sight back on target and fire 2 mags later this is what I ended up with

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