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Range Time Contender 17/222 Rem OTT

Discussion in 'Handguns, Pistol Shooting' started by tred1956, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. tred1956

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    Aug 1, 2010
    South Carolina
    Finally got around to trying the 17/222 Rem. **MAN I LOVE BEING RETIRED** It is a 14 inch OTT full bull matte barrel wearing a Burris 6.5-20x50MM Fullfield II in Burris Signature rings atop a Bullberry six hole weaver style scope base. On an easy open framed with 14 ounce trigger and sporting Georgia Jim pink lady wide flat bottom target forend with matching ambi grip (Bought in Honor of My Wife ***WHO is now cancer FREE 7 years** Thank You God) I decided on BL-C2 Powder and 20 Grain Hornady V-Max Bullets. Brass was new just sized Winchester. Started with beginning load from Hodgdon website for 25 grain V-Max. No pressure sighs at all. It was pushing 90 degrees so not a long session, however I now know what my next project for retirement is. A roof for my new shooting Bench (pictures later but it is solid). And of course as always using a Fuzz Rest. Hope Cayle was looking down and smiling, I know I was. Number of shots, distance and powder charge as noted on picture of target.

    Thanks for reading and have a GREAT weekend

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