REPOST $1000 cash takes it all
There is a lot more included in this bundle than what is in the pictures - if you would like to see what else is included please text / call / message me and I can send all 31 pictures I have ***


Hey guys hope all is well! I’m looking to unload all my reloading equipment and supplies! (97% of everything I have is brand new never used still in the original packaging) A little backstory for y’all my father and I we’re going to do all our own reloading together when I got moved into my new house but are unable to do this since he passed away on Memorial Day.. needless to say I lost interest in reloading and now I have a mountain of equipment and supplies, this bundle will include (1) Lee Precision anniversary reloading kit (which includes - Lee breech lock challenger “O” frame press - lee safety primming tool - quick trim case trimmer - Lee perfect powder measure w/ stand - powder funnel - case trimmer - chamfer tool - primer pocket cleaner - case sizing lube - safety powder scale - breech lock quick change bushing, this kit is unopened never used ! (2) Lee precision bench plate mount (3) Hornady M1 case tumbler w/ one bag of media (4)Lyman bullet puller (new never used) (5) three new in bag Lyman bleacher blocks (6) six different size case guard ammo boxes (all new never used all labels inside) (7) one full can of hornady one shot case lube (8) Lee precision priming tool (new never used) (9) Brand new McM primer flipper (new in bag) (10) brand new never used Lyman micro-touch 1500 electric reloading scale (11) one new never opened Lyman reloading manual/spec book (12) one brand new never opened Hornady reloading manual (13) two new load book loading manuals (14) four brand new never used Die sets (45-70gov / 38spl&357mag / 44spl&44mag / .223rem) * two case trimmer was well for 38spl & .223rem (15) 1000ct large magnum pistol match primers Federal premium (16) 1000ct large rifle magnum primers Winchester (17) 1000ct small rifle primers Winchester (18) 100ct small pistol match primers (19) 500ct X-tremendous bullets .38 125gr (20) 250ct berrys bullets .38 158gr (21) Six full bottles of powder (x2) Hogdon BL-C2 (x2) hogdon HP-38 (x1) Hogdon HI-SKOR 700-x (x1) Hogdon universal all full 1lbs bottles

That’s pretty much all the new stuff! Now for the used stuff - I’ll be quicker with this stuff I have I have one Lyman single stage press and Tap & die sets for 30-06, 280 Remington, 25-06, 35 wheelin, 25 Souper, 45acp & 38/357 - several shell holders/ammo boxes, primed & unprimed 30-06 brass, primed and unprimed .243 brass and three very old cans of DuPont reloading powder !

**£ have more pictures if need / want them , was only able to add 20 pictures so couldn’t get everything added just text / call and let me know *if I don’t answer leave a message!

I may have left something out but if interested text anytime 919-869-4816 - looking to get $1000cash can travel to an extent but located in lilington / Angier / Apex thanks y’all!
Selling as a complete set / one unit no splitsies please!