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Is it just me or does it seem the majority of S&W revolvers seem to have some sort of aftermarket grips which just ruins it for me
S&W outsources the stocks on its newer revolvers, I believe Altamont makes many of them, and they are good quality and have many more styles than they sell to S&W. Gone are the days of the beautiful Goncalo Alves and Walnut stocks, although older ones will fit the newer guns as long as they match the frame style. The original stocks can be very expensive, though, a set of nice GA N frame targets stocks can go for anywhere from $200-$600 by themselves, depending on their age.

I replace many of my S&W stocks with Altamont, mainly to keep the originals in good condition, but partly to individualize my guns. Here are a couple of Altamont stocks you won't see on a factory-fresh S&W; I like Rosewood, but many other styles and colors are available:
Revolver Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
Revolver Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory
Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory
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