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I've always told myself (when buying or selling S&W rimfire wheelguns) that they are worth exactly what
someone will pay for them. If you want the box, tools and a pristine example you'll pay a mint.

If you want a shooter grade 17 you'll be into it for between $450-$550.
I would check the S&W collectors forum, Gunbroker and Auction arms for examples of what shooter grade 17's are
selling for.
Big price difference between the mdl 17 & 18. The 18 came with a 4" bbl, the 17 only 6".
Many more 17's on the market than there are 18's and the latter will command a higher price.

(Edit to add: the 17 did come in a 4" bbl for a couple years in the mid 80's but they are really hard to find. (17-5)
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