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Samick Volcano [email protected] recurce

Discussion in 'Archery' started by pirate, Nov 25, 2016.

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    I found a Samick Volcano online (ebay seller) NIB for $130 shipped! Samick has come out with several new bow lines and the Volcano was discontinued. This bow is RH / 58" and [email protected] Like all the Samick bows its a well made bow and a great value. These were selling in the 180-$210 range retail.

    • Riser-Hard Maple, Rosewood, Merbau
    • Hard Maple Veneer, Clear Fibre Glass
    • Bow Length - 58"
    • Brace Height - 7 1/2" - 8 1/4"
    The riser wood looks great. The finish is not up to custom standards but not bad at all. I tuned/set it up and set the brace height at 7-3/4 after some warm up shooting. Very nice shooting bow with smooth cast. It reminds me of the Bear Grizzly in size/weight/shape/ and handling and performance is very similar. The grip shape is almost identical to the Griz.




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