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That was the funniest thing I have seen on SOA so far. I was rolling. Especially when all the guys started convincing the step son that they liked trannys
Yep - that was funny... But I thought Tig getting interested in the Pro was even funnier.... That guy is just Not Right.

Dead and Remembering
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If you ever watched The Shield:

Jay Karnes ––––- TS: Dutch. / SOA: Creepy Agent Kohn

Benito Martinez––-TS: Aceveda. / SOA: Torres

David Rees Snell––TS: Ronnie. / SOA: Agent Nicholas

Kenny Johnson––––TS: Lem. / SOA: Kozik

Emilio Rivera––––––-TS: Navaro Quintero. / SOA: Alvarez

Lobo Sebastian––––TS: "Doomsday". / SOA: Armando

Jeff Kober––––––––––––TS: Statutory Rape Guy. / SOA: Jacob Hale

Kurt Sutter––––––––––TS: Margos Dezerian. / SOA. Otto

Walton Goggins –––––––––– TS: Shane. / SOA Venus Van Damme / Just: Boyd
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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