I’m selling my last M1 Garand rifle, and clearing out spare parts, etc.
All parts are USGI purchased from CMP in the early 2000’s, unless noted as Commercial.

All laws apply and bladed items must be sold to persons 18 and older.
Local meet near Charlotte, but will ship on buyer's dime if needed.
Thanks for looking - reach out with questions.

Bundle Price all parts (excluding bayonet) Shipping included $475
Retail is $1,000, listed prices $600.
Get a nearly full set of spare parts no longer being made for one price, shipped!

USGI M1 Garand – Misc. Parts (Receiver Small Parts & Other) sold as a group $150
All parts USGI purchased from CMP in early 2000’s when inventory and standards were high!
Gas Cylinder Lock Screw - "BMB" (Beretta – Not GI but CMP gauged)
Front Sight & Screw
Clip Latch, Pin & Spring
Bullet Guide
Operating Rod Catch Assembly, Operating Rod Spring & Follow Rod
Follower assembly, Follower Arm & Pin
Extra Follower Arm Pins - 2 each
Hammer Pin - 2 each
Trigger Pin - 2 each

USGI M1 Garand Rear Sight Complete $75
Windage Knob “WRIGHT”

USGI M1 Garand Bolt Complete $90

“-2SA” Marked

USGI M1 Garand Tigger group Complete WRA Hammer $150

Trigger Housing “-12 SA”
Hammer “-1 WRA”
Safety “SA”

USGI M14 Trigger group Spare Parts, sold as a group $30
Hammer Spring, Housing & Plunger
Hammer Pin
Trigger & Trigger Pin
Safety & Safety Spring
Mag Latch & Mag Latch Pin

Commercial M1 Garand Adjustable Gas Plug - New $10
Commercial Adjustable Gas Plug for M1 rifle. Allows you to adjust the amount of gas going through the system to ensure cycling but prevent bending your operating rod. Great if you can’t get ammo loaded to USGI M2 spec, or if you want to tailor handloads to cycle correctly but protect your valuable Op Rod.
New in sealed packaging

USGI Bayonet “RIA 1910” Springfield 1903, Garand $100
Original bayonet for the 1903 rifle, later cut down to be used with the M1 Grand during WWII.
Bayonet marked “RIA 1910” with ordnance flaming bomb. Included scabbard also has ordnance mark.
Classic accessory to go with any 1903 or M1 rifle.