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traded/STG58 for sale...NC/FTF


FTF near south side of Winston Salem
Not sure who built it.
IMBEL reciever. Pacific Armament Corp.
2 mags
I use to shoot the BattleRifle matchs at CRPC a few years back with her.
This rifle has two 2nd place trophies to her credit. One in the "Drop8" and one in the "Sniper Round"
Asking $1100
I will consider....
Remington 700 in .308. Something like the Tactical or PSS model maybe.
Colt 1911,full size or commander
Kimber Stainless Full/commander (If it's a 1st series any finish is fine.)
Glock21SF w/glock rail and No ambi mag release.
Ruger Vaquero in .357mag or 44mag,5.5in bbl. Stainless perfered.
Rock River Arms Varmint 20"upper or complete rifle
Remington 1100 Competition/Sporting/Premier Sporting 12ga.
All firearms must be in factory config.for the most part. No home gunsmithing please...trigger jobs,polished feedramps and the such.
Depending on what is offered +/- cash
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