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My dad had two rifles stolen from his residence just outside of Summerville while he was out of town last week. Please keep your eyes open. He is calling Dorchester County Sheriffs as I type and guns will be in the report.

First is a:
Remington 700 BDL
300 WSM
Boyd Laminate Stock with thumb hole
Either Nikon glass or Leupold Varx II for scope
the serial number is unknown at this time

Second is a
Palmetto State Lower
Yankee Hill Upper marked 6.8
AR Performance 6.8 barrel with hybrid muzzle brake (a combination of holes and slots I believe) 20" length
Yankee Hill Diamond free float fore end
Yankee Hill low profile gas block
Unknown glass on top with a NC Star mine red dot on it
Bill Springfield trigger 3 pounds

serial number is either LW 035779 or LW 035780 Also had a stripped lower with the other serial number but not sure which one was on the gun and until they process the house we do not know if the other lower was stolen also.

Dorchester County Sheriffs Office (843)-873-5111

Please help if you see them.

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Well maybe this can be a live and learn type of thing?

Oh, and there's a Stolen Firearms forum in General Firearms Discussion forum just above this one, if you want to post there as well.
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