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The New Trace Rifleman Program 2013

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Scott and I have taken a couple of weeks and have looked at the market for rifle training. One part we have noticed is a huge missing hole in what is on the market today. That is basic rifle deployment skills at distance.

Even in our rifle courses since 2010 we have noticed a need for the fundamentals of rifle use. In all of the carbine courses Trace Armory Group has offered we teach intermediate marksmanship (100yds to 300yds) and short range marksmanship (under 100yds). Well for 2013, we are going to focus on intermediate marksmanship to bring your abilities up.

We understand that treating a AR or a AK family rifle like a big pistol is fun, and you get to enjoy the more advanced aspects of rolling round on the ground, shooting under stuff and getting your split times lower. But the system is able to do so much more. This is going to be the focus of the new courses. Do not fear, the other courses will be still offered.

If you plan on shooting any 3-gun in this state all of good matches have shots past 100yds. The U.S. military starts all service personal shooting distance before moving on to the go fast, go loud courses. We will provide you with a understanding and a level of ability only Trace Armory Group can provide.

Each course will come with sections to add to a three ring binder, these sections you get to keep and build your own marksman booklet. Each section will cover the topics you train on in the technical aspects of what you are about to perform and also offer you take home material to study. Also each person will have a T-Shirt for that years T.R.P. courses.

Please look for this logo and sign on up!!!

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