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NC Three Garand Rifles and ball ammunition

Discussion in 'Long Guns for Sale' started by seb1899, Apr 12, 2018.

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    IHC Garand – Service Grade per CMP birth certificate

    Receiver is IHC and has correct LMR barrel , NM op rod bolt, is Springfield as are the rest of the parts. Current Harvester offering from CMP only guarantees the receiver is Harvester priceed at $1080 as Service Grade receivers with correct LMR barrels have been sold out since March 2015

    HRA Garand - Service Grade per CMP birth certificate

    Everything is HRA, receiver, barrel, bolt op rod but the trigger group is PB (Pietro Baretta) good to trade/sell to someeone building a Breda – hard to find parts for. A trigger group swap and you have a totally correct HRA. Correct rifles are only available from CMP via auction.

    Springfield – Rack grade per CMP a Danish return with a well figured Beech stock

    Everything Springfield, Lock Bar Sight and Un Cut OP Rod! Dates to 1943. Lock Bar sights are scarce and an un cut op rod is even more scarce. Barrel dated 1945

    760 Rounds of Lake City ball ammunition from CMP

    I am not posting/sending pictures as most everyone knows what a CMP Garand looks like and a serious buyer will want to personally inspect each rifle

    This is a package sale and I will not separate items $3,900. and you have a good start on a Garand collection. A good place to put your tax return!
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