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Yes it's important to have a strong heart and muscles! But many people have problems/concerned performing even the simplest daily tasks. Some examples of these would be: carrying groceries to and from the car, lifting a heavy bag off the ground to a counter top or rotating from a seated position to pick up an object from the floor (pen/pencil). Yes these movements are simple but most individuals suffer from pain after performing these and numerous other menial tasks because they do not train in a way that would allow the muscles that are required to be recruited to do the job. MOST individuals train in frontal plane movements (push/pull moves ONLY)and isometrics (moves that leave the joints out of the equation). For example: a chest press, a row machine, bench press, the list of isolation goes on and on. In actuality all the machines you would see/use at Commercial Gyms across America/World.

The type of training we do at KORE Training Systems is Functional Training (Sports Performance Training) which focuses on Core Strength (core = everything but your extremities), balance /stabilization exercises, strength and conditioning work. It involves a lot of stretching, twisting, and bending motions to mimic everyday activities. Functional Training focused on ALL planes of motion Frontal (push/pull), Sagital (left to right) and Transverse (front to back). This is the type of training Athletes all across the world do in order to become more proficient in their respected sports and to remain pain free. This is what we do at KORE Training Systems!!!
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