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OR..... until the batteries go dead..... OR..... the wind kicks up from right to left.....
I was thinking the same thing. I imagine you have to enter the ballistic coefficient and caliber ect at start up, but is there an option to enter wind before the shot? What about 1000 yard shots where the wind varies at certain distances, only something one learns from other experienced shooters.

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OR..... until the batteries go dead.....

Isn't the same thing true of all this other electronic crap people hang on their guns, including a flashlight? Or, even much of the gear the military uses, like Radio Communications, GPS and other magic electronic wizardry? This is true of all battery or electrically powered technology, i.e. the Internet. When the batteries are dead it stops working. Electricity is the fuel. Just as vehicles don't run without that magic liquid, horses without hay or humans without food.
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