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Educate me please.

Lead in: I'm considering an AR build but I'm just in the preliminary stages. I currently own a Barnes mid length. I bought an upper and lower separate and saved about $100 by doing so. That is the extend of my building/assembly. I'm a pretty handy MOFO so the actual build doesn't concern me. Any questions I have, I feel confident between some select videos and you fools that I can get through a build without many issues.

With that said. If I decide to build one, there would be no better time to upgrade some parts on my Barnes and use those stock parts on a budget build. I had considered building a 7.62 in an AR15 platform but I think it would be too expensive and I would have to stock yet another caliber. (I know, cry me a river).

My current lower has a stock Barnes lower parts kit. I don't shoot competition although it sounds like a lot of fun. I just can't justify a trigger group in the $250-$350 range. I am looking for some opinions and options on whether it is even worth upgrading the trigger group and some info on 2-stage triggers. From what I have been able to ascertain, a 2 stage trigger is a love'em or hate'em situation. I really have no major qualms with my current stock trigger but I don't know the difference either. I have nothing to compare.

Also, while we are at it. What else would you upgrade on the Barnes to use the stock parts to build a budget AR? I do want an ambidextrous safety, upgraded pistol grip, maybe upgrade the buttstock.

Thanks for the assistance.
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