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NC/SC TruGlo 3x9x40 Matt Black Scope

Discussion in 'Optics for sale' started by Sharps4050, May 3, 2021 at 3:08 PM.

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    Nov 4, 2010
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    UPDATE: Though I'm restricted from any driving until 23 May and no long car trips, I am open to trade offers too. Am in need of 38 Special/357 self defense ammo, Hornady Critical Defense 30 Carbine and 12g ammo loaded with black powder and 4, 5 or 6 lead shot, 44 Special shot shells and Other trade offers considered but remember, I can't travel for a while.

    Located Pekin/Mount Gilead, NC. Can Ship your dime. Currently can't drive due to total hip replacement and given the price point, its probably worth driving by and saying hello anyway.

    4 are available.

    New in box. Never mounted. Scope, rings, caps. 3x9x40. Matt black finish. 1" tube. Eye piece focuses and can be locked. All factory papers. Clear and decent scopes.

    Reticle is Duplex and has Dots for Bullet Drop Compensating (as follows and each scope has this chart with the factory velocities). Additional caliber/weight/velocity combinations may be possible, simply contact Truglo as indicated on the instruction sheet.

    For 100 yard zero (200-500 yards): 223/55g, 243/100g, 25-06/120g, 260 Rem/140g, 270 Win/150g, 7mm08/140g, 7mmMAG/WSM/SAUM/175g, 308/150g, 30-06/150-165-180g, 300MAG/WSM/SAUM/180g, 338 Win Mag, 225g.

    For 200 yard zero (300 to 600 yds): 25-06/100g, 7mmMAG/WSM/SAUM/140g, 300MAG/WSM/SAUM/150g, 300UltraMAG/180g/200g, 270Win/130g, 270WSM/130g, 7mmShortMAG/160g, 30-06/150g, 325WSM/180g.

    $50 Each or $95 the pair.

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