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Underwood Ammo 380 +P Gold Dot Ballistics Gel Test & Review

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Like a lot of you, I carry a 380 pocket gun sometimes because it's convient and conceals well in most outfits. And like many of you, I view the 380ACP round as relatively underpowered but still much better than nothing. So, the search for a 380 round with relatively good performance has led me to the 90gr Speer Gold Dot rounds and I've trusted them for many years now.

Well, theres a new round out from Underwood Ammo that uses the tested bonded Gold Dot bullet but loads it to a higher pressure (22,900 cup) producing a pretty good increase in energy out of my test gun (Bodyguard 380) and that's nothing to sneeze at. In the calibrated ballistics gel (with 4 layers of denim) used in the video below it got 11'' of penetration, expanded to .48 inches, and had a retained weight of 89.5 grains (5.8g=89.5 grains).

I realize there's no SAMMI spec for "+p" 380ACP but this is certainly a hot round. With that said, be sure you have a firearm that can handle the chamber pressures caused by using this round---if not, you may damage your firearm (and hand).

Underwood uses a 3.5'' PPK barrel for their advertised velocity but since most people who carry 380s use a pocket gun, I tested it in a 2.75'' barrel. Here's the chrono numbers:

Speer Gold Dot 90gr JHPs: 964fps, 186 ft/lbs energy
Underwood Gold Dot 90gr JHPs: 1086fps, 236 ft/lbs energy

Test video:

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Interesting review. I have a Ruger LCP and want to use the most optimum round available in my carry guns.

Thanks for posting.
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