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Update for you all. (more then you want to read)

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Guys and Gals,

Let me tell you what has been going on to give you all the full scoop and all.

as most of you know I am a Security Officer at Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant. Around the start of DEC 2011 the NRC alerted the Security management that the NRC Adversary Force was going to run a drill at our site. These happen every three years. Now this is our super bowl, so I get pulled for a late Jan 2012 drill date from training to train up the platoon that was to participate in the drill. I spent each day training these Officers to conduct basic combat drills and to win the fight. This is why at the start of the year I ran little classes.

The NRC came, and with the help of our in-house Adversary team and my work we won all the drills we where tested on. To say that the drills are easy, and not a test is not true. The NRC team are lead by active duty military guys from the best SPE-COPS teams the U.S. has, but the NRC team are Officers from all sites across the country on a contract to perform as the terrorists (not SPEC-OPS guys) just lead by them as controllers.

The CSF class I ran in Jan 2012 was right between these drills to give you a timeframe.

Now after that the training department held me over for a bit and I worked with programs and such until late March of this year. After that I went back to normal shift work.

In late April the site with in to a outage, this makes my work days go from a 12 hour day, 4 days a week, with 4 days off to 6 days at work and 2 days off. The classes ran in APR, MAY and the gunfighter class on 16 June fall in this timeframe.

During this time, openings at the training department came open, I applied for one of the slots. Well today I was turned down for a training slot at the plant due to the management selecting a different person. Many issues with this, and how the person was picked, not the person himself. The guy that was picked is a good friend of mine and I hope he does great things with us at the plant.

The point of all of this is to explain why Trace has had limited classes, limited time to conduct training, limited contact with you all, and dropping calls or e-mails to some. Also this is why I have nothing planned part the GunFighter course. I did not want to plan training based on my 4 on 4 off work schedule then get picked up by the training department and change dates or cancel classes.

Well now I am open, I also will not be chancing the training department again. Whats done is done. Now I can focus on Trace and DPRC EDU


The DPRC EDU is the education department of Durham Pistol and Rifle Club. The old guy that ran this drove it to the ground. So my good friend Robert McClure was asked to take it over. In that process Robert (Bob) asked me to help him bring up a cadre of Instructors to teach the classes for the Education Dept. Because of this, I will no longer run Trace Classes at DPRC. I will be teaching at DPRC under the hat of DPRC EDU until I can get the staff up to speed. I think this is the only way to grow new instructors. By a mentorship program at the club.

Trace Armory Group direction for the rest of 2012.

I want to get back to what I love. Teaching pistol and carbine is fun and easy to do, I love to teach long range / precision rifle. I have a long history in teaching these classes. So that will be the man direction I want to move in on live fire training. DPRC EDU will still hold pistol and carbine classes, when I teach them it will be of the same style as the ones you have been to in the past. When the new instructors get off the ground they will make their own classes as they see fit.

The other direction I want ot push in is Force on Force training. This will be a three phase training event with AirSoft pistols focused around Self Defense.

The three phases are:
  • Simulator training
  • Tactical Readiness Drills (TRD)
  • Scenario Training

The Simulator trainer will be live fire or laser done at the range or location, a flash of pictures or short videos to make you decide to shoot or no shoot.

TRD's will be gun fights, the Adversary and yourself will get in combat with Airsoft pistols and a set of graded skills will be tested.

Scenario Training is just that, you will be placed in a situation you have to deal with. you can run, fight or talk your way out of it. It just depends.

I wanted to give you all so background to whats going on, and the why to it all. Please post away if you have any questions.

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